Sales Training: 10 Traits Do Gandhi and Arthur Murray Have in Common Philadelphia PA

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Do you want to follow the path of leaders and great entrepreneurs such as Gandhi and Arthur Murray? Their life paths differed greatly but both excelled and achieved greatness on their chosen paths. They were both driven and knew what they wanted. If you read their biographies, you will see they have many traits in common. See how their 10 traits can help you turn your dreams of success into reality!

Sales Training Trait Tips to Improve Sales around Philadelphia PA

  • 1. Get focused on what you want: Establish a 5-20 year strategy.
  • 2. Take action: Eliminate the shoulds, coulds, oughtas in life.
  • 3. Be positive: Eliminate all negativity.
  • 4. Never give up.
  • 5. Get trained, acquire new skills: never stop learning new things that can possibly help you succeed.
  • 6. Stay focused on your goals.
  • 7. Innovate, don’t imitate.
  • 8. Learn from your mistakes.
  • 9. Communicate with others effectively.
  • 10. Orient your life around true values: honesty, courage, etc

Both Gandhi and Arthur Murray focused on these traits to achieve their dreams. While Gandhi’s persistence lead India to independence, Murray’s focus helped him turn his dream of dancing into a nationwide business.

If you aspire to greatness but you need support to overcome the external circumstances and internal blocks which hinder you from attaining your goals. Find reasons that support your goals. Read more, be around positive people, avoid negativity and stay true to your goals and your own path.

Many people find a coach is a great way to keep on point and stay confident to their goals. A coach is your private resource and cheerleader: they’re to help you through any unexpected detours and dead ends. They support you in such a manner that can often be different than that of a spouse or a business partner. For over 20 years, we have been helping executives and sales people attain big wins thanks to our coaching programs. Together, we create a strategic plan to help you earn more from your efforts and keep you focused and on track. Using a series of over 50 management, motivational, and empowerment techniques, we develop effective and workable strategies for goal achievement.

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