Customer Service Training Seminars for Philadelphia PA Businesses

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Our customer service training programs are customized for your Pennsylvania business. All programs are 100% customized to ensure that your business gets the most out of the program. We’ll help you achieve all of your goals and objectives.

With over 25 years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t and will ensure that your weaknesses become strengths.

Our Highly Interactive and Customized Customer Service Training Programs Will Improve Satisfaction Ratings in Philadelphia PA

Our customer service training program includes, but is not limited to all of the following: 
• Role playing exercises that allow the material learned to be used in a real world environment. It allows employees to shape each customer service technique to the specific person that they are dealing with at the time
• Individual customer service training consultations are designed to assist employees in calming the difficult customers and making the difficult customer a returning customer.
• Tried and proven customer service methods that are currently used throughout the world.

Limited class sizes allow for one on one attention.

Customer Service Training Methods That Will Improve Your Business’ Sales in Philadelphia PA

Our customized customer service training programs will turn customer complaints into endorsements. And have the difficult customers turn into the returning customers.

Here’s a sample of two customer service programs.



This program gives your customer service representatives proven customer service techniques give them the tools to quickly control the conversation and solve difficult situations.

Customer service representatives will learn:

• Friendly relationship building techniques to create long term customer service connections
• How to make a great first impression 
• Four sets of questions that create trust and unveil your customers specific needs
• The single most important technique to manage the objection of the most stubborn customer
• Eight steps to reveal the hidden reasons that keep a customer from “letting go” of issue
• Four-part technique to highlight how the customer gains from your solution compared to competition’s
• Seven answers that leave the customer happy and smiling 
• Through role-playing and training exercises, all of these techniques be second nature


This customer service seminar provides your customer service team with all the tools and techniques necessary to improve customer satisfaction, no matter what their level of expertise. It provides all the benefits and customer service training techniques of the half-day seminar.

Your Customer service representatives will learn:

• How to increase positive word of mouth regardless of the situation
• Four steps to teach representatives how to talk about solutions and benefits rather than problems
• How to turn issues into repeat customers
• Three methods that will make customer service representatives improved listeners
• Realize why a customer complain and what to do with those complaints
• Interpreting body language and the meaning of what the prospects are saying
• Seven methods to handle the most common objections and challenges that have representatives achieve 100% of their potential.

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Custom-tailored customer service programs for your company

Every customer service program is specifically tailored to your company, your industry and your people. In addition, each customer service program includes the customer service skills and tools utilized by your top achievers. Programs can be delivered at a location of your choosing or at our Pennsylvania Training Center. Whether your team is in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or anywhere else in Pennsylvania we’re happy to help.

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