Telemarketing Training How to Improve Cold Calling in Philadelphia PA

Sale Training PennsilvaniaIn many industries, cold calling is an important part of the job and without it growth isn’t possible. Nonetheless, people still struggle with making the amount of calls necessary to succeed .

Part of challenge that many people face with cold calling is that the success ratio isn’t high. Because the success ratio of cold calling isn’t high there are two main challenges:

To get a tangible amount of success through cold call, you need to make a lot of calls. Many people become frustrated when they aren’t immediately successful with something and therefore stop. If you do this with cold calling you’ll fail. Remember it’s a numbers game.

Successful cold calling takes time. Particularly in smaller businesses where people can wear many hats. It’s hard to create enough time to make the number of calls that is required to sustain growth through cold calling.

By improving cold calling efficiency, the two main challenges from cold calling can be combated and your business can reap the rewards of higher sales.

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Here are a few ways to help improve overall cold calling efficiency:

1. Make a Good First Impression
Just like in everyday life, making a good first impression is important when cold calling. Actually it’s probably even more important when you put into account that the only ground you have to stand on is your voice, so the tone and the words you decide to use mean everything.

2. Be Honest and Straightforward
Being honest and straightforward really comes into play the longer the conversation goes. If you get caught not telling the truth, the call’s over. Just be honest and let the caller know the benefits of your call.

3. Connect With a Commonality
People buy and like people who they have things in common with. Try and find a third party story that connects you to that person on the other end of the phone. This goes a long way.

4. Practice
This one should really be in all caps. Practice your pitch, if you don’t when you get on the phone your pitch will sound forced and contrived. Forced and contrived pitches don’t lead to sales, they lead to hang-ups.

Remember to be realistic when it comes to cold calling. At times cold calling can feel like a shot in the dark. Have fun with it. Create goals for yourself and for your team. Give yourself and your team something to strive towards; it makes the sometimes dreaded cold calling experience much more bearable and possibly even enjoyable!

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