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How to Find Qualified Prospects
Finding quality prospects

Once you have developed the ability to recognize a quality prospect and also recognize that the saying “everyone is my prospect” is hardly the mantra of top performers, you have an essential sales building block in place. Understanding the importance of presenting to quality prospects is only part of the equation. You must also develop multiple lead sources to supply you with quality prospects.

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Some of the Best Ways for Sales Reps to Develop Their Own Quality Prospects

  • 1. Referrals
  • 2. Word of Mouth
  • 3. Networking Groups
  • 4. Events
  • 5. Warm Calling (one of our favorite things to teach in a sales workshop)
  • 6. Crafting a good 30-second elevator description/pitch
  • 7. Community involvement (religious, food drives, volunteer, little league, scouting, PTA)
  • 8. Personal social media (i.e LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • 9. Self promotion and P.R.
  • 10. Writing articles and developing personal expertise
  • 11. Public speaking and workshops

ESSENTIAL POINT: Sales superstars do not rely solely on their company supplying them with leads. They are self-reliant and generate an abundance of quality prospects on their own. That, combined with making the most of leads that come from the company marketing efforts, leads to significantly higher levels of sales success. For example: We worked with sales rep of a property management firm in Philadelphia. He was good but his sales increased significantly once he eliminated the excuse of the marketing department not doing enough advertising. He took responsibility for participating in the sales lead development process and sales jumped. He simply started attending one or two industry events a month plus several networking events each month as well. Two or three extra hours of effort a week yielded him thousands of dollars in additional commissions every month.

Leads can also be driven from the marketing department

  • 1. Websites
  • 2. Trade shows
  • 3. Lead generation mailers
  • 4. E blasts
  • 5. Auto Responder
  • 6. Advertising

One of the great things about sales is once a rep learns how to prospect and develop their own leads, they can direct their path and write their own success ticket.

Mark Anthony is a sales trainer with 30 years experience. In addition to training reps in Pennsylvania, he has worked with firms on six continents. call 877 358 4472 or