Telemarketing Training Workshops for Businesses around Philadelphia PA

Telemarketing Training

Our custom telemarketing training programs are designed for your Pennsylvania business. All programs are 100% customized to ensure that your business gets the maximum out of the telemarketing program. Our telemarketing training programs will help you reach all of your goals and objectives.

With over 25 years of experience, we know what’s successful and what isn’t. We will help your identify your representatives weaknesses and make those weaknesses become strengths.

Customized Telemarketing Training for Account Executives for Your Philadelphia PA Business

With custom scripting and training we will improve your business’ telemarketing programs.

Telemarketing is not only a powerful tool, but it a frequently a misused tool. With custom scripting and training your telemarketing will become very fruitful.

No matter if your business’ goal is appointment generation or telephone sales, the tools taught at the telemarketing sales program will help you yield those results.

Asking the Right Questions is Only Part of the Telemarketing Process

By asking the right questions you are putting your foot in the door, but by no means have you solved the puzzle. To be successful, you need to understand the answers to those questions you ask and use the information given to close properly.

Each customized telemarketing training program will give your account executives the tools required to build rapport and a longer-term relationship. Your executives will gain the required listening skills to spot and get all the answer. They will additionally be able to spot the “hot buttons” or important factors that are necessary to close.

Objectives for Your Telemarketing Training Program for Your Philadelphia PA Business

This custom program is structured to create effective telemarketing sales habits that will give your account executives the required information to help close the prospect efficiently and effectively.

Our RADAR© telemarketing training program will give your staff all the information needed to speak with the prospect. The program will help create an atmosphere where the prospects will sell themselves by understanding and identifying what they need, why they need it, and how you can help them get it.

All Telemarketing Training Programs are Individually Customized to Your Pennsylvania Business

The following is a sample telemarketing training program outline:

A) Introduction to the program

B) What is RADAR©
1. Rapport building (developing relationships)
2. Asking about difficulties/issues (figuring out what the prospect really needs)
3. Affirmations, trust, understanding, credibility
4. Results (paving the way for the prospect to admit their needs)

C) Why RADAR© works
1. The prospect unveils what is important to them
2. The conversation hones in on needs rather than suppositions
3. The benefits and results become relevant and achievable

D) Asking the right questions
1. How to start/where to start
2. Leading the prospect
3. Closing the gaps
4. Asserting control during the call

E) Moving towards the close
1. Reminding and fortifying what the benefits are
2. Understanding the clues (the prospects will always let you know when they’re interested)
3. Helping the prospect reach their goal (your goal and their goal are one in the same)

Telemarketing Training

F) Review and summary
Your representatives will both master the telesales techniques that encourage clients to share their needs and using the information that they offer to lead the prospect into the closing process

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