Sales Training Tips: Rules Every Salesperson Should Live By in Philadelphia PA?

Most salespeople know the basic rules of selling, but many of them don’t know all of them. These are some rules all salespeople should know and memorize.

1. Learn to be concrete
Being concrete means to appeal to the senses of your prospect. Make them really think about the product and imagine it in their lives. If they can imagine it, see it, and feel it in their head, you’re on the right track.

2. Be concise
Most salespeople have the goal of being clear, but it isn’t always successful. Instead of thinking about what you’re saying, think about what the prospect is understanding of what you’re saying. If they’re not following you completely, you’re not being clear enough.

3. You should lead the interview, not the prospect
Sometimes, especially if the prospect is talkative, they may veer off-topic. Once you have an appropriate moment, politely get back on track.

4. Use proper English
This is vitally important for any salesperson. If your English isn’t up to par, you won’t look like someone trustworthy of selling anything. If you need to brush up, there are a number of (free) resources to use to improve your language skills.

5. Focus on more than one or two selling points
What might seem major to you might be minor to a prospect, and vice versa. If you omit any one piece of evidence, you’re doing a disservice to yourself and the prospect by leaving out potentially decision-making details.

6. Don’t use profanity
There may be some exceptions to this rule. In general, cursing is unprofessional, and you shouldn’t do it in front of a prospect, especially if they haven’t done so in front of you yet.

7. Don’t stop using evidence because you’re tired of them
Related to point number 5, don’t leave any piece of evidence out. Even if you get tired of the repetition, the prospect hasn’t. That’s the best way to get over the repetitiveness of sales talks – think about the prospect, not about yourself.

8. Don’t be too eager – if possible, make the product seem hard to get
Eagerness could make the prospect think you’re trying to get rid of it quickly. If applicable to your product, act a bit reluctant to sell it. It creates a bit more demand from the prospect and can ultimately help you sell.

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