We Provide Industry Specific Sales Training Programs in Philadelphia PA

Sales Training

Our team has more than 25 years of experience creating industry specific sales training programs. We have performed sales training programs throughout the world. Our programs are designed for both businesses and individuals, which enables us to focus on specific strengths and weaknesses.

Our customized sales training courses utilize proven methods that are successful not only in Philadelphia, but throughout the world. By tailoring our training for every client, we ensure that you get the most out of the program and thus have your sales numbers increase!

Our Highly Interactive and Customized Sales Training Programs Will Improve Sales for Your Philadelphia PA Business

Our sales training program includes, but is not limited to all of the following:

• Role playing exercises that reinforce the items learned to be used in an everyday, real world environment. It allows employees to shape each sales technique to the individual prospects that they are dealing with at the time.
• Will quickly tailor sales to the prospect’s need and are intended to turn difficult prospects into a long-term client
• Verifiable customer service techniques that are successful anywhere
• Limited program sizes aid individual attention

Custom Sales Training Programs Will Improve Your Sales Representatives and Your Philadelphia PA Business
Our sales training programs will help you achieve your sales goals.

Take a look at our sample sales training course outlines below:
1. The Art of the Sales Call
2. The Art of Turning the Prospect Into a Buyer
3. The Art of Building People Skills and Working on Your Presentation


This workshop arms your sales team with indisputable, lucrative techniques that will give them the tools they need to quickly control the sales call.

Your sales team will learn:

  • Friendly relationship-building techniques that result in long-term customers
  • 11 unique approaches to get your prospect’s attention immediately and give off a great first impression
  • Questions that build confidence and allow the sales rep to figure out the prospect’s needs
  • The most significant method you need to deal with objections
  • Eight-part system to reveal the hidden reasons a prospect may not buy
  • Four-piece method to establish and highlight the perks in comparison to the competition
  • Ten unique closes for successful results

With role-playing and sales training exercises all of the aforementioned techniques will become habitual.

If you need more info on sales training workshops in Pennsylvania, call (877) 358-4472 or send an e-ail to Info@PennsylvaniaSalesTraining.com


This sales seminar allows your sales team to learn the required skills and techniques needed to improve sales, close efficiently, and to not only reach but exceed quotas, regardless of experience.

This two-day workshop fuses together all the perks and sales training methods of the one-day seminar.

Additionally, your sales team will learn:

  • Eight ways to demonstrate and verify the product’s practicality, value and condition
  • Four steps to sell your product’s perks instead of characteristics
  • 21 ways to make sure that your delivery is one-of-a-kind and unforgettable
  • Three justifiable methods that make sure your sales team become better at listening to the prospect
  • Three-point plan to improve the amount of cold calls made by your sales reps by at least 20%
  • Seven proven techniques that will ensure your sales team can overcome objections
  • Goal-setting and visualization activities to amp up motivation and help your sales team reach their full capabilities


The comprehensive and thorough review with role-play activities and sales practice, along with videotaping, lets your sales team reinforce all parts of their demonstration.

This sales workshop includes the techniques shown in the two-day program, as well as:

  • Viewing yourself from the customers perspective
  • The seven most common reasons prospects explaining purchases and how to use them as triggers
  • Networking techniques that are used to gain quality prospects
  • Find the “Hot Button” point for every purchases
  • Creating a sales presentations that uses every tool used over the three days

Every sales workshop is customized to your business, your trade and your employees. Additionally, all sales workshops include the expertise used by your leading salespeople. Seminars can be presented in a location of your choice, or at our Pennsylvania Training Center.

For sales training in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and throughout Pennsylvania Call (877) 358-4472 Today or send an e-mail to Info@PennsylvaniaSalesTraining.com

For Industry Specific Customized Sales Training in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and Throughout Pennsylvania Call (877) 358-4472 Today or e-mail us at Info@PennsylvaniaSalesTraining.com